Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Electronic War Against zionist

The First Thing That I wounder when I saw Our Brothers and sisters killed in Gaza is how We can Help them more then expressing disappointment and sadness ? How we can be in action against israel war crimes in Gaza?

the practise way that I saw is what a lot of Norwegian young peoples do , they try all the time to hack zionist websites, to explain to the world the Right of Palestinians To live in freedom, to have their country without any colonization of zionist,they called israel the Nazi country in 21 th century.

This way is the efficient methods to help Palestine because demonstration or expressing Solidarity, yes it is necessary but, it is not enough .

In This Time Hacking zionist websites it is not just a good things to do but it becomes an obligation to do for any Muslim can use a computer , this is some statistic of hacking zionist websites.

The attack in the virtual world in order to protest Israel aggression in Gaza, Palestine, is still ongoing. There are more than 10,000 sites that Israel is deface. A site that records the action web defacement have said that 10,413 attacks against sites with domain names. il (israel). 10,413 from the attack, have mentioned 3485 in the form of a single IP and 6928 mass attack.

Messages from the thousands of generally the same. Here are some message that the hackers had read :

  • “Stop The War, Stop killing People & Child. Free Gaza Now” (Ashiyane Digital Security Team)
  • “Stop attacks u israel and usa ! you cursed nations ! one day Muslims will clean the world from you !” (Agd_Scorpio)
  • “This Hack iS To Defend Islam That Has Been Harassed by Denmark and usa and israel (FesH4ck3rs Team)
  • “Stop WAR israel to Palestine!!!” (Old.Zone)
  • “You have weapons, you have technology But We have our ALLAH & Our Faith” (xOOmxOOm)

this is a simple program to use it is a good way to bombard zionist websites it is easy to use just write an address of zionist websites and select the number of attacks that you want to do and click start,you can see the program begin to send a lot of request to the zionist server in order to stop it.

watch an example of kadima website hacked.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Microsoft is laying off 5,000 workers

"Microsoft is laying off 5,000 workers" when I saw this news headline ( or I can say a bad news) in Aljazeera channel I was upset and sad for this decision of the biggest Company of Softeware in the whole world ,The job losses will affect workers in a variety of departments, including research and development, sales, marketing, finance, and human resources. But Microsoft plans to keep hiring workers in areas where business is still growing, such as Internet search service.
In my opininion this decision will create a lot of problems for computing domain in general ,and it is coming from the results of the World Financial Crisis.
I hope that things go good to keep the 5000 workers jobs and also to save Computing in the world .

Xquery Interview

During My surfing in the net I found an article which is an interview with The co-inventor of XQuery Jonathan Robie, in which he talks about the XQuery implementations( DataDirect) ,the Java API for using Xquery languages in java called XQJ it is an important interview which shows the use of Xquery and its futur.
this is the link of this interview:

JavaFx the new Generation of RIA

JavaFX is a family of software products for creating rich Internet applications, web applications that have the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications, including interactive multimedia applications. The JavaFX products can build applications for desktop, mobile, TV and other platforms. Currently (January 2009)[update] only the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating systems officially support JavaFX.JavaFX has two components:JavaFX Script, a declarative language intended to make Swing easier to use for interface programmers or visual designers familiar with scripting languages. In JavaFX Script, the structure of the programming code is supposed to closely match the layout of the GUI. JavaFX Mobile, a Java operating system for mobile devices, including PDAs, smartphones and feature phones. It features a Java SE and Java ME implementation running on top of a Linux kernel

for more information on how to use this softeware ,for download also

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